Sometimes life’s challenges go beyond the care of a Community Group or other community. That’s when the Care Ministry can help find hope and facilitate healing through our Stephen Ministry and counseling options.

We have a variety of approaches to support and counseling to help meet you where you are. Read below about all our services. Once you fill out the intake form, we will help you get connected to the appropriate type of care. There is no cost to receive counseling or care.



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Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministers are available to provide support in a caring, confidential way if you are going through life-changing circumstances such as divorce, loss, unemployment, chronic illness, and other events. A Stephen Minister is a compassionate companion, a trained member of our church who will meet with you regularly to listen and provide support.


Lay Counseling

Lay counselors are church members who have been recognized to have a gift for counseling. Our counselors are trained volunteers that are taught the principles of counseling in order to offer loving care toward others whose story has impacted how they view themselves, others and God. They regularly consult with a licensed professional counselor. Lay counselors are not intended to replace professional counseling. We can refer to professional counseling practices as needed.

Resident Counseling

Resident counselors are in the process of becoming accredited counselors. They are completing training required to become professional counselors, and are under supervision of an accredited counselor. We often have a resident counselor on staff, but there are times when we do not.

Professional Counseling

Licensed professional counselors are available on a limited basis. A licensed therapist is fully trained, accredited, and supervised. Professional counseling availability is limited. We will refer to outside professional counseling practices as needed.

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