Lay counselors are available for individuals and families.


Sometimes, life’s challenges go beyond the care of a Community Group or other community. That’s when trained counselors can help find hope and facilitate healing through a Biblical approach to counseling.

Lay counseling is provided at no cost. Lay counselors are not professional, accredited counselors; they are church members who have been recognized to have a calling to spiritual counseling. They have been evaluated and trained and regularly consult with a licensed professional counselor.

The lay counselors at MPC are not intended to replace professional counseling. We can refer to professional counseling practices as needed.  


Meeting with a Lay Counselor

We prayerfully consider which counselor will best meet your needs and try to match you with someone with whom you’ll feel comfortable. Your lay counselor will spend the first session getting to know your story; don’t worry – you don’t have to answer every question if you’re not ready or comfortable. After getting to know you, your counselor will recommend some next steps, whether that is coming in for a few more sessions or meeting with a licensed professional (not affiliated with MPC).

Confidentiality is an essential part of the counseling process. Your sessions are kept confidential in accordance with our confidentiality agreement.


Finding a Lay Counselor

Contact our staff and we’ll match you to an available lay counselor.

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