Flexible Commitment
Our care team receives e-mail updates (usually 2 – 3 a month) about families in our community who need meals and other types of care. You can then sign-up to bring a meal or meet other needs as you are available. There are separate lists for helping families with a baby (new lambs), families/individuals with short-term challenges, and those with longer-term needs.

For our long-term care team, you will get to know 1 family and help provide meals, rides, etc. 2 -3 times a month.
A heart for serving others
Time Commitment: Varies
You can sign up for our e-mail lists and serve as you are able. Contact the appropriate team coordinator to receive different notifications.


Kristin Smoot
New Lamb Coordinator
[email protected]

Kathleen Gotchel
Short-Term Care Coordinator
[email protected]

Lucy Treene
Long-Term Care Coordinator
[email protected]