Sunday Parking at MPC

Additional parking is available at Cooper MS & the Sharon Lodge, with shuttles running frequently.


In addition to our main lot, parking is available at Cooper MS & the Sharon Lodge, just down Balls Hill Road. Simply exit our parking lot, turn left, and you’ll see Cooper & the Lodge around the corner on your right: 999 & 977 Balls Hill Road. Look for the Overflow Parking signs!

To help you navigate on Sundays, here are some helpful details:

Shuttles Run Regularly

Shuttles are available regularly from 8:30am – 12:15pm and can be picked up in front of the main church building and in front of Cooper. We encourage you to take a shuttle instead of walking.


Our Parking Lot is One-Way

The entire MPC parking lot is one-way on Sundays: cars enter in from the North entrance (nearest Georgetown Pike) and then exit from the South. Parking is not available in the neighborhood across from the church, or along any curb that’s been painted yellow (these spots are needed for emergency vehicles). There are police, parking volunteers, cones and signs to help guide you!


Pick & Stick

Please pick a parking lot, and stick to it once you’re there! If you drop your student off at Cooper, please then park at Cooper and shuttle to MPC. Or, if you park at MPC and are taking an adult ed. class, please use the shuttle to travel to/from your class. This helps keep a steady traffic/shuttle flow and preventing back-ups.


Hey, Jr. High Families!

Starting Sunday, Sept. 10, Jr. High will meet for Sunday School at Cooper MS gym each Sunday at 10:45a.m. Starting Oct. 1, we’ll meet at Cooper MS gym every other week for Breakthrough.

For safety and ease of traffic flow, students should use the shuttles instead of walking between MPC and Cooper. You can choose whether or not to accompany your student back and forth, or if they will take the shuttle themselves. Please coordinate with your student where you’ll meet them and when.