Young Adults

With a focus on authentic community and intergenerational fellowship, we provide a space to connect, relate and grow.


The young adult ministry at MPC is a group of people in different life-stages, from young families, to singles, to newly married couples. It’s our goal to provide young adults a space to connect, relate, and grow in our church whether you’re just exploring your faith or you’ve been in the church for years. Below you’ll find several opportunities to do just that.


Washington Institute Courses

Sundays at 9AM, 10:45AM & 4PM

How should we engage with our current political and cultural climate? What does the gospel have to say about starting a business or finding your calling? Join us for these courses as we seek to apply to gospel to every area of our lives.

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Community Groups

Men’s, women’s, and co-ed groups meet across Northern Virginia and provide a place for grace to flourish. It’s an environment where you are free to be yourself – complete with questions, doubts, faults and flaws.



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