Practical Care

Our Care Team offers tangible support for life's challenges.


Connect to Short-Term or Long-Term Care

Life is full of transitions and this community is committed to providing care during these times. Whether you’re experiencing an illness, grieving a loss, or expanding your family, our community extends grace in the form of practical support for short-term and long-term needs.

We come alongside individuals and families to offer meals, childcare, light chores, transportation, visitation, and encouraging notes.



Join the Short-Term Care Team

The Care Team is a flexible commitment that allows you to serve as you have time. You’ll receive updates (usually 1 – 2/month) about individuals who need meals, rides, or other help, and you are encouraged to help out as you are available, around 4 times per year. Our Care Team members also have the opportunity to coordinate care: you can serve as the point person for an individual or family and help organize a calendar to make sure their needs are met.

This team also includes our Notewriters ministry, which provides encouragement through hand-written notes and cards. Click here for more information about Notewriters.



Join the Ongoing Care Team

Our Ongoing Care Needs Team serves a number of families in our midst with long-term needs. There are several opportunities to serve by providing assistance with issues like transportation, financial planning, and meal planning