As we are in unprecedented times for our modern culture, we have all experienced the need to figure out how to pray in this moment.

As part of serving our congregation and the church more broadly during this time, we’ve developed a prayer guide that we hope will be an encouragement to you: Prayers During the Pandemic. From petitions for peace to prayers on behalf of the sick and unemployed, to meditations on longing and despair, our hope is that this resource deepens your faith and your prayer life in this uncertain time.

Prayers During the Pandemic comes from an arm of our church’s ministry that we’ve been developing gradually over the past year: The Washington Institute for Faith, Vocation, and Culture (TWI).  Most broadly, TWI exists to encourage and disciple us to think deeply about our faith, our world, and the interplay of the two. We need a faith big enough to make sense for all of life. As our culture has become more polarized, more sensationalized, and more saturated with content, TWI provides a place where Christians think carefully about issues worth pondering. We want our authors to delve into questions that we had not quite thought to ask, or to ask in that way, but that we wish we had asked.

We hope you will check it out.  Our hope and our prayer is that this resource will routinely provide “a good thought, well thought,” something worth the time and consideration of those who want to be thoughtful as we engage our own faith, vocation, and culture.

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