The Pastoral Search Committee is delighted to let you know that we are up and running. We have kicked off with twice-weekly Zoom meetings, and one of our first objectives is to open lines of communication between the Congregation and the Committee. We want to hear from you and keep you informed regarding our progress.

How can you contribute to the Pastoral Search Committee?

  • Send us your thoughts, questions, and suggestions by using this central email address: [email protected]. We may not act on every suggestion, but we will prayerfully consider every message.
  • Watch for periodic emails and Sunday announcements.
  • Participate in any congregational surveys and other input opportunities that we may ask of you.
  • Visit the coming landing page on the church website, where we will be updating a prayer guide, work plans, milestones/progress, and any congregational survey results, as appropriate.
  • Pray

We will strive to communicate frequently and thoroughly. However, until a candidate is put forward, we will maintain maximum confidentiality about our candidate pool. While we aim to communicate around what we are doing, we will be silent about whom we are doing it with. We hope you agree that this is the right way to treat candidates who are trusting us with their reputations and the feelings of their families and churches. We understand that a prolonged silence about the one thing we all care most about will be hard, so please be patient with your Pastoral Search Committee in this regard.

If you have any suggestions about other ways that we can effectively establish and maintain an open and constructive dialogue, please let us know.

In the interim, may you rest in God’s promise from Jeremiah 3:15: “And I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding.”

Yours in Christ,
The Pastoral Search Committee

(Dan Zimmerman, Chair; Bruce Young, Vice-Chair; Gene Goodell, Clerk; Ellis Chaplin, Leslie Hobbs, Tricia Hollis, Rachel Hooker, Erica Hotmire, Jim Perry, Don Solberg, Eric Treene, Margie Watkins, Mark Whittle)

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Pastoral Search Committee

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