“As the rain and snow come down from heaven…so shall my word be which goes forth from my mouth, it shall not return to me empty without accomplishing what I desire…” —Isaiah 55:10-12

The best kept secret about short term missions trips is that the Lord blesses those who go as much as those you go to serve. On a trip you identify visibly with the gospel as a representative of Jesus to those who need him and you yield yourself to the Spirit’s work of building his Kingdom.

One morning my translator was late, and the local church officer and I didn’t want to waste time so we went ahead with a house visit. I read Scriptures from a Spanish Bible while pointing to pictures that depicted the gospel on a visual aid (I could pronounce Spanish from my junior high Spanish education 35 years earlier, even though I didn’t understand it – but that was ok, since I knew what the verses meant in English).

As I slowly read through the passages, the man’s expressions started to change. After about 15 minutes, our translator arrived, and after speaking with the man he asked me, “what did you do with this man?” “Nothing,” I replied, “I just read the Scripture and pointed at the pictures.” “Well,” the translator responded, “this man says as read you these words he felt his heart come to life and his being change…he says he believes in Jesus and wants this life you read about”.

I and the people on my trip were not skilled evangelists, that’s not our gifting; we just showed up, and God worked through us to build his Kingdom

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Matt Stone
Director of Missions
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