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As we seek to continue to make disciples who make a difference, we are pursuing a modest building expansion that will allow us to continue to grow in depth of discipleship. This is the final phase of our McLean site, and will allow us to bring all ministries back to this building, expanding our capacity to offer grace-filled discipleship opportunities. Building concepts are available to review on site in the hallway between the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall.

Building Goals

  1. Secure children’s wing: single location with lockdown
  2. Student ministry on site
  3. Adult ministry space – education and care – on site
  4. Ample parking and admin space
  5. Budget of approximately 2x annual budget

Learn More & Give Feedback

Before we make any changes to our church home, we want to hear from our church family! Our elected leaders have been helping guide the process and we want every member to be able to participate in this process. Click here for a timeline.

  • The architectural drawings are displayed near the Welcome Center and available for your review.
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  • At any point, feedback and questions can be sent to [email protected].



Church members took a survey regarding our space needs and the issues we were experiencing, and continue to experience, around classroom space and parking. In God’s providence, we purchased the house next door, 1026 Balls Hill Road, and continued to assess our needs and the options before us.


We received a first-round estimate to expand our building to accommodate 200 additional worshipers and found the cost to be quite prohibitive ($18M). This led us to explore other options, as well as pursue a multisite strategy that allows us to engage more of our area with the gospel.


In this year, we re-assessed our needs and began reviewing building options that would allow us to accommodate the necessary children’s ministry, student ministry, care and adult ed. resources for the current number of weekly worshipers that our building can support. We began pursuing county approval for this expansion.


How will weekly worship and church life be sustained while construction occurs? What is the plan to accommodate adult education when/if we lose the use of Cooper MS in 2020?
Building the addition will have limited impact on the use of our existing space. When it is completed, we will time moving Children’s Ministry and repurposing the nursery wing for adult education in a way that will limit impact on Sundays; we expect the construction to have little to no impact on Sunday worship. We are currently looking into contingency plans for when/if Cooper is no longer available due to the school’s planned construction.

Are there plans to make the building more handicap accessible to help those with disabilities, as well as senior saints and new parents?
We recognize this is a need for our building and are taking it into consideration with our architects as the planning unfolds.

How many children can be accommodated in the proposed building updates? What’s the difference in square feet between our current children’s space and what is being proposed?  
The new wing will accommodate approximately 225 children and increases the available space for children by over 1,500 square feet.

How many new parking spots will be added?
We hope to around 300 additional parking spots; the final number is subject to Fairfax County approval.

Do you anticipate taking on debt for the new addition?
We hope to take on little to no debt for this project. If we do take on debt, our hope is that it would only be a short-term need.

Are we anticipating growth beyond the next few years? At what point would we need to build again?*
Our prayer is that we will continuing growing in breadth and depth, making disciples who make a difference, and that every 2 or 3 years we will start new sites and/or plants.  We anticipate that this will be the final building addition.

Rather than spend a lot on the current campus, why not accelerate new sites and church planting?  This would also us to establish more churches closer to where our people live.
This is not something we see as an either/or approach, but rather a both/and strategy. A healthy, growing campus here is what fuels new sites and planting. A church dies when it forgets its purpose of growing in breadth and depth; building and multiplying will allow us to facilitate and encourage more disciples who make a difference.

When can we start giving to the building fund? How do we designate these gifts?
Right now! You can designate “Future Growth Fund” on your checks or select “Future Growth Fund” on our online giving form at Thank you for coming alongside us in this gospel work!

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Tom Pilsch
Chief of Staff
[email protected]