Kids for the King Choir is an opportunity to help our kids hide God’s word in their hearts through song. The choir meets in McLean at 4pm on Sundays, September – April. Be a part of the fun by helping regularly in these ways:

Regular Opportunities:

  • Sign-In Sergeants: Help with electronic check-in. (3:50-4:10PM)
  • Sign-Out Sergeants: Check sticker numbers as children are collected after rehearsal. (5:00-5:05PM)
  • Music Help: Work with individual children or small groups on singing parts.
  • Stay During Rehearsal: Per child safety regulations, we need at least three adults to be present during the rehearsal.
  • Cross Beader: Add beads to cross necklaces after each performance. This can be done during a rehearsal.
  • Instrumentalist: Sharing your gift of music during a performance.
  • Spring Musical Opportunities:
    • Reception Coordinator: Organize a reception following the spring musical performance. Lead set-up crew, arrange for clean-up crew, purchase food, coordinate decorations, organize volunteer bakers. (March-April)
    • Reception Help: Assists the coordinator set-up or clean-up following the spring musical performance. (April)
    • Choreographer: Teach simple steps for spring musical. Dance background helpful, but not necessary. (Feb-April)
    • Set Construction: Build larger props and staging. (March-April)
    • Props Collector: Gather or make needed items/props for spring musical. Attend last month of rehearsals to coordinate props. (March-April)
    • Costume Coordinator or Costume Assistants: Determine costume needs for spring musical. Many are in storage, some may need to be sewn. Assistants help with fitting, labeling, organizing, and sewing costumes as needed. (March-April)

Reach out to us to find out more about these opportunities and how you can use your gifts with the children’s choir.



Joelle Permentiers
KFK Choir Director
[email protected]