Cornerstone School is in need of volunteers!

Partner with a Cornerstone student by visiting them at school during lunchtime – 4 times throughout the year. Partners are also welcome to visit or write to their student at other times throughout the year and partner with their student’s classroom as a volunteer or by providing basic supplies.

Your friendship to these young scholars in our city encourages them academically and spiritually, and our Partners love the relationships they build as well. Our goal is for each of our elementary students to have a partner.

Our playground is old and not up to new safety codes. We want to give our students a safe and fun place to play together during recess. To help us reach this goal, you can give directly to our playground fund.

If you have knowledge of construction, volunteer to look at our space and guide us in how to repair the asphalt around the play area – creating proper drainage in the area.

We have an ongoing need to improve our internet and phone infrastructure. Our internet is often unreliable, going in and out at odd times. Do you have an IT background? Volunteer to help identify breakdowns in our systems.

We are in an old building and often experience issues with lights and outlets. Additionally, our internet wiring is exposed, running along the ceilings and down the walls – we would love to find a solution to cover them. Help beautify our school with your electrical skills.

We need help with several small construction projects around the building. For example, there is a panel of drywall that was cut out to access the plumbing system in one of the student bathrooms and  was never replaced. We’re looking for a handy individual or group who would be willing to take on projects like this.


Emery Lambert

[email protected]