Hello! We’ve got a spacious master bedroom available August 1 in our 3-bedroom, 1-bathroom Petworth house overlooking Sherman Circle, two built-in closets included! The rent is $990/month plus utilities.

We’re a short walk from the green and yellow metro and various bus lines with easy access to multiple grocery stores (e.g. Safeway, Yes! Organic, and Walmart). From farmers’ markets, a nearby pool, and Rock Creek Park nearby, Petworth has a lot to offer. It’s also an easy commute to Columbia Heights and the downtown area. For parking, the street is unrestricted.

The downstairs area is spacious and was conducive to hosting dinners or an occasional party in the pre-Covid era. The basement houses a relatively new washer and dryer and provides plenty of additional storage space. Generally, this house and our neighbors have been a gift.

I teach at a local school, Emily works at an art museum, and we love life in this neighborhood! If interested, email [email protected] and share any questions you have! I would love to be in touch and am also happy to share pictures!

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Sara Dax
[email protected]