CM looking for new roommate in Old Town Alexandria; $895/month, a few blocks from King Street, half mile to Mt Vernon Trail, and 25 minute walk to King Street Metro. Will be open August 1 or after.

Looking to find another CM to fill a room in a two bedroom unit in Old Town. Rent is $895 each and utilities range from $20 to $100/month (in winter). WiFi is included in the price of rent.

A few other details about the unit:

-W/D is included but it’s in my upstairs bedroom

-Generally plenty of on-street parking

-The space is relatively small but adequate for two people and there are two full bathrooms

-The room that’s opening has two closets and there is also a closet inside the downstairs bathroom

-The landlord has a no pets policy

And a few details about me and what I’m looking for:

I’m a former member of Redemption Hill Church in DC but currently haven’t landed anywhere specifically in Old Town. I’m also a former Hill staffer, in my mid-30s, and work 6 days a week, including leading a team of about 70 people in my full time job, and outside of that running a small nonprofit. I regularly do some of my work (writing and admin tasks) from home. Because of the workload I live life on a pretty set routine and tight schedule and will for the foreseeable future and would need someone who’s also motivated to achieve some big life goals. I’m generally up by 5-6am and crash in the 8-10pm window and need a roommate that operates on a very close schedule–definitely need the space quiet in the evenings.

The kitchen is small and while definitely adequate, isn’t very conducive to two people using it at a time, so we would have to coordinate schedules around its use; I make dinner at home almost every evening, even before COVID. Keeping it clean is critical as well! (No dishes sitting in the sink, counter tops and stove top clean, fridge organized, etc) I have a good amount of kitchen items, but you would be welcome to store additional items in the dining room area – there will be a shelf there for use.

I have several plants, and as such keep blinds open (unit is on the second floor), and unless it is storming I have the windows open for fresh air anytime the outside temps are about 65 and above, even into the 90s (you would obviously be welcome to regulate temps in your personal room as you wish but in the common areas I’d want to stick with open windows/fan).

Due to the workload I have I also generally keep the place quiet, but I do occasionally play music and I have a record player. Here’s a playlist so you can get a feel for my taste and style:

Other than music, I have a small TV but almost only use it for sporting events (primarily national team soccer and MLS or major events like the Olympics) and would not want to have it on much beyond those occasions, and would not want a large screen TV, the space is just too small for it. If I have down time in the evenings I generally read/play music or walk down to the river, or crash early.

I generally eat healthy and would want a roommate that does also (no junk food sitting around). I run ultramarathons and would like to find someone who also runs or exercises several days a week.

The right person should also be okay with no overnight guests/no girlfriends staying over night.

Finally, in general I work to keep everything clean and organized and would want someone who already lives like that too. If this all sounds good to you and you’d like to connect, shoot me a note and I can also send a few more photos. Looking forward to connecting!

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Caleb Paxton
[email protected]