Visitor's Guide to Chldren's Ministry

On your first visit with us, please stop by our children’s Welcome Desk. We will be ready to assist you and help you find the way to your child’s classroom!

When you arrive at the church, you’ll want to park around the back of the building and enter the door closest to the playground. The Welcome Desk will be located on the opposite side of the foyer, directly across from the door.

Children's Ministry Map

Safe and Sound

Your children’s safety is our priority. All volunteers are screened and the church implements a Child Abuse Prevention Policy, which includes staffing each room with a minimum of two adults. To ensure safety, we implement the following check-in procedures and policies:
Please only have one parent drop off and pick up your child(ren) at his/her nursery room.
Sign-in sheets are located in the doorway of each nursery room.
Please pick up a pager and list the pager number and any special instructions next to your child’s name.The pager will vibrate during the worship service if the caregiver needs assistance with your child.
Children will be released only to a person possessing the correct badge/nametag and pager.