Our Multisite Vision

MPC's vision is to see grace-filled congregations throughout D.C.

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Our next site will be launching in Fairfax in 2019! Visit mcleanpres.org/fairfax to sign up for updates and interest gatherings and see the latest details.

Our Vision: Grace-filled Congregations Throughout D.C.

The Kingdom by its very nature is centered on Christ, but is always moving out. The Kingdom will continue to grow until Christ returns. Therefore, as a church, you cannot be unwilling to grow without moving out from under God’s agenda…If in your heart you are saying, ‘We are big enough,’ then you begin to be not welcoming of people, etc., and become an ‘ingrown church.’
– Former Senior Pastor, Steve Smallman, 1986

Jesus commissioned his church to grow in breadth and depth: We’re to gather friends, family, co-workers and neighbors to be saved by the grace of God, and we’re to equip believers for joyful obedience by applying his grace to our lives. When we do both these things, grace changes everything.

To continue the work of this Great Commission, we’re pursuing a strategy called multisite: we hope to become one church with multiple locations, and, eventually, see independent gospel churches established around our area. By reproducing the grace-filled culture, community, and ministry you experience here at McLean, we hope to see Jesus change more lives across Greater D.C.The long-term goal for each site is for that site to particularize, to become an independent church over the span of several years.

Sites will be based on the model we have pursued in our Fellowship Hall services and will include:

Grace-filled Worship, Community, and Missions. An onsite worship team will lead worship. Robust children’s and community ministries will be present from day one. Sites will participate and advance our local and global missions efforts.

Dedicated Site Pastor. Rob Yancey will be leading the first site, providing dedicated pastoral care and leadership. Rob and his team will be a part of the broader MPC staff.

Video Streamed Preaching. Most sermons will be broadcast from the McLean site via video. The site pastor will preach about once a month.

To get a taste, simply attend the Fellowship Hall service one Sunday! And, please join us in prayer. God uses broken people to reach this broken world. There’s great hope, but only if he’s at work.