Congregational Meeting Recap

Three big rocks.

On Wednesday, June 6, 2018, we gathered as a family to celebrate God’s work in and among us this past year, and to look ahead to where he’s guiding us for the next few years. Together we looked at how we will continue to pursue our God-given mission of making disciples who make a difference, seeing grace change everything in others lives and our own. Wednesday’s meeting included 3 big rocks:

Making Disciples Who Make a Difference: The Work of the Church

As we look to some exciting opportunities (see 2 and 3 below) we must remain focused on our primary purpose. Christ has called us to make disciples – gathering those who are far from him and equipping them for joyful obedience to him. The everyday ministries of our church – worship, preaching, Community Groups, Sunday school classes, counseling sessions, missions partners, etc – must continue apace!

Growing in Depth: Modest Building Expansion

This has been something we’ve talked about since we purchased the property next door in 2016. We want to be able to use our space to welcome new people and help our members grow in spiritual depth. Right now we’re considering a plan with secure space for kids to learn God’s promises, and rooms to accommodate everything from adult ed. classes to renewal groups to Bible studies (and, of course, more parking!). Nothing is firm yet, but we’re hoping to have a recommended plan for our congregation to vote on soon, and to break ground in 2020.

Growing in Breadth: Multisite in Fairfax

We couldn’t be more excited to announce that our next site will be launching in Fairfax in 2019! Please pray about this endeavor and, if you’re interested, join Site Pastor Rob Yancey for lunch (July 8 at MPC) or dessert (August 18 in Fairfax) over the summer.

Fairfax Details 


Please join us in praying for these endeavors as we seek to glorify and enjoy God together as a church family!