The Parallel Path: Church Planting + Multisite

One church worshiping at different times and places on Sunday.

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Multisite Update

June 30, 2017 

Our staff has been digging in to all the logistics as we prepare to worship in the Sanctuary and the Fellowship Hall starting in September. We’re looking at everything from service times to children’s ministry to adult education. Stay tuned! We’re planning to have more details for you in mid to late July.

Here’s the full update from James:


One church worshipping at different times and places on Sunday.

Sites will replicate core MPC values: gospel-centered preaching, participatory worship, meaningful children’s and student ministry, grace-filled community, and outward-facing missions.

Each site will have it’s own pastor, live worship (worship leader, musicians), children’s ministry, volunteers and elected leaders (Elders, Deacons, Board of Women). Sermons will initially be broadcast via video, with each site’s lead pastor taking on more preaching responsibilities over time. When ready, each site will then become an independent church of its own. The end result is therefore the same as church planting: a network of thriving churches across our area.

Multisite is a companion (not a competitor!) to church planting: they arrive at the same goal through slightly different means.

Our First Site

It’s right here – literally, here in the building!

In Fall 2017 we will begin worship services in the Fellowship Hall with a worship leader, live musicians, and video streamed sermons. All adult education classes will move to Cooper MS, just down the street. Fellowship Hall services provide an opportunity for us to explore the logistics of the multisite vision; more updates will be provided throughout the summer and fall.

Beyond 2017

Additional sites to come and expanding the current property.

Multisite is a proven model that churches in many different denominations have undertaken. However, we still want to prayerfully analyze its effectiveness here in our context. As we venture down this path together, starting with our Fellowship Hall services, we will prayerfully evaluate its impact. If things go well, we’ll look to add another site (location to be determined) as God enables.

We’ll also continue to assess feasible options for expanding our current property to accommodate Children’s Ministry and parking as we continue to grow in line with this vision.