Missions Month

We’ll explore how we can share grace in our community and world around us.

Adults, Local, Local Evangelism, Missions, Young Adults


The gospel calls us to be intentional about engaging with the world around us, but often we find ourselves too busy, overwhelmed, and overextended. How do we make time in our jam-packed lives? What would it look like to engage with the world around us – our coworkers, neighbors, and our city – in big and small ways? For our 2017 Missions Month, we’ll explore how, amidst our busyness and fears, we can show and share grace.


Schedule of Events

Panel Discussion: Engage! Where’s the time?

Sunday, March 26 @ 10AM & 11:30AM | Fellowship Hall
How can we find time to intentionally engage with our neighbors, our city, or our world? Learn from MPCers in this interactive discussion and find ways, however small, to realize God’s calling to share grace.

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Women’s Breakfast: Engaging with Grace

Saturday, April 1 @ 9AM | Fellowship Hall
Whether it’s coffee with a new neighbor, supporting a co-worker, or volunteering with a favorite organization, MPC women are engaging every day to offer grace to the world around them. Join us for breakfast and a panel discussion as we discuss ways we can engage with those around us.


Missions Fair

Sunday, April 2 @ 9:30AM – 12:45PM | Fellowship Hall
How does MPC engage? Join us to learn about and partner with the ministries MPC invests in and imagine how you can take the next step to be part of their transformative efforts.

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Sunday Supper with Rev. Scott Sauls

Sunday, April 2 @ 6:30PM | Fellowship Hall
We’re welcoming Rev. Scott Sauls, the Senior Pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville, TN and author of two books, Jesus Outside the Lines and Befriend. Join us for a lively conversation and a homemade meal.

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