ESL Conversation Partners

Help ESL students learn English while making a new friend.

Adults, Missions, Young Adults, Local

Serve as Available, Twice A Month

Serve adult international students in our ESL program by providing opportunities for them to have conversations in English and form friendships in the U.S.

You’ll be paired with and English language learner of the same gender and meet regularly throughout the year. During your time together you can have fun, informal conversation, discuss a pre-determined subject, or do an activity together like hiking, shopping, or sharing a meal.


No experience necessary. Must be a fluent English speaker with a heart for internationals.

Time Commitment

Approximately twice a month, 1 hour sessions

Attend an informational session (September 23rd) and a kick-off event (October 13th). After that, coordinate meeting with the English language learner as both your schedules allow, approximately twice a month.