Lead a Community Group

Join us for a special 2 Sunday session to explore what it looks like to lead.

Adults, Young Adults, Church

Join us on Sunday, February 11 & Sunday, February 18 at 9AM in Cooper 102 to chat about our vision for grace-filled community and what it looks like to lead a Community Group. No commitment to leading is required to attend this class. For details/to RSVP, e-mail lauraw@mcleanpres.org.

Leading does not mean being perfect. Leading is simply inviting others into your life. Community Group (CG) leaders help facilitate community by gathering 8 – 16 people on a regular basis.

This can include regularly leading discussion and Bible study (discussion questions are provided for each sermon), planning social events for your group, or opening up your home for regular CG meetings. Each CG is structured slightly differently – some leaders will lead the study and discussion for their groups, while other groups rotate discussion leaders. Some groups also have members plan social and service opportunities or host the group regularly.

As a CG leader, you’re the point person for your group and you’ll have the opportunity to attend special trainings and retreats with church staff to equip you as you seek to facilitate community and extend care to our church community.


Church member
A heart for community

Time Commitment: Varies

Some groups meet twice a month; other groups meet every week. You can set a schedule that works for you and your group, as well as pick studies (or discuss the sermon questions!) that help you best encourage growth and discipleship.