Anatomy of the Soul: Emotions in the Book of Psalms

Joy, regret, jealousy, excitement, gratefulness, complaining - the book of Psalms plumbs the depth of our everyday experiences and emotions, and finds God in the midst of it all. Walk with us through these pleas, prayers, and exhortations as we discover the depths of our own hearts, and of God’s heart for his people.

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1 O God, the nations have come into your inheritance;
they have defiled your holy temple;
they have laid Jerusalem in ruins.
2 They have given the bodies of your servants
to the birds of the heavens for food,
the flesh of your faithful to the beasts of the earth.
3 They have poured out their blood like water
all around Jerusalem,
and there was no one to bury them.
4 We have become a taunt to our neighbors,
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Emotions in the Book of Psalms

Psalm 1 - 2

July 9, 2017

Psalm 1
1 Blessed is the man
who walks not in the counsel of the wicked,

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