McLeanPres Connect FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I Log In?
You can always visit this page ( to log-in. If you need a username or password, select the “Sign Up” link above.

Can I Access McLeanPres Connect On My Phone?
The online directory portion is available via your phone. Simply visit the login page and select “Mobile Login”

What Should I Do if I Have Questions?
When logged in, select the gear in the top right-hand corner and select “Help.” You will be taken to a separate site where you can search specific issues. You are also welcome to contact the church office, specifically Sara Adams, to discuss your questions.

Is This Basically Facebook for Our Church?
McLeanPres Connect will not function like MPC’s Facebook. While it allows you to connect to others and to our ministries, there are no status updates, photo albums, or news feeds and no function to “friend” other people or link to them. It’s main purpose is to help you plug-in to our church and it’s ministry opportunities.



Where Can I Find My Giving Statement?
To download your giving statement, click on your name in the upper right hand corner, and then select profile. Your profile includes a tab labeled “Financial.” From there, select “Giving Statement,” located in the “Printable Statements” section, and follow the instructions.

Who Can View My Giving History/Information?
As in the past, only the church’s financial staff has access to this information.



Is My Information Secure?
Yes. Only users with a username and password can access information; all users must be created or approved by church staff. The software used to run McLeanPres Connect employs multiple levels of state-of-the-art data security and back-ups to ensure that your information is safe.

Who Can See My Information?
You can control who sees your information (your photo, address, e-mail address, etc) within the system. By default, church members can see your name, photo and contact information in order to create an online directory for our church. You can change these settings by clicking on your name in the top right-hand corner, selecting “Privacy Settings” and adjusting accordingly.

Who Can See My Child’s Information?
Any child under the age of 12 is only visible to family members and church staff.



What are Groups?
Groups are a convenient way to keep track of the ministries with which you engage. Each ministry is given its own group for events, volunteer needs, and messages, as needed.

If you are a member of a Home Fellowship Group, you will belong to that group in the system, and can access information and events that your leader shares with you, should he/she share that information through the system.



What is My “Friends List”?
The Friends List is an optional feature available under the Profile section that provides a quick way for you to make a custom online directory of the people with whom you communicate the most. It also is a helpful way to manage your privacy settings and adjust who can see the information on your profile. No one else can see your friends list.



Why Don’t I See Any Volunteer Opportunities Under the Serve Section?
The Serve section will automatically suggest volunteer opportunities based on the gifts, passions and skills that you’ve listed in the “My Fit” section of your profile. To see all volunteer opportunities listed, select “Filter By” and then “Browse All.” You can edit your gifts, passions and skills by visiting your profile.

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