FOCUS Class: The Book of Isaiah

FOCUS classes are designed to help you mature in knowledge and grace, no matter what your spiritual starting point. Through teaching and resources, our goal is to promote spiritual growth through a deeper understanding of Scripture and theology and how they apply to your life and your world.

Adults, Young Adults

Meets Sundays at 10AM in the McLean Room
Taught by Scott Hatch, Tim Keehan & Others

The greatest (and longest) of the prophets, Isaiah stood at a turning point in Biblical history: our patient and long-suffering covenant God began to move events to bring his judgment on the idolatrous nation of Israel. The Lord gave his servant Isaiah visions of the grandeur of God’s throne room, the desolation of judgment, the formation of a godly remnant, and—most importantly—of a Servant of the Lord who would suffer much for his people. Join the Berean Servants class as they explore the depths of what this book says about God, his people, and their Savior.