Adult Education

Encouraging thoughtful application of the gospel in all areas of life.

Adults, Young Adults


The Washington Institute for Faith, Vocation and Culture is McLean Presbyterian’s approach to adult education, an opportunity to grow in grace through thinking more deeply about faith and life.

The Institute offers two types of classes:

FOCUS Communities

These groups are a place to find fellowship and teaching around theology, life, and missions. No registration is required and you can drop-in as you are interested. Communities include Exploring the Scriptures, Bereans, and a Couples Class.

Institute Courses

Learn how to think carefully and deeply about theology and Scripture and how they apply to all areas of life. Classes last for 8-10 weeks, with limited personal reflection outside of class. Registration is required. While it is not essential to attend every meeting of a class, we do ask you to commit to attending most Sundays.

Fall classes start on Sunday, September 10 and space for each course is limited. Registration is now closed. Registration for winter classes will be available in December. 


Fall 2017 Courses

Unless specified, all classes take place at Cooper, at the corner of Balls Hill and Route 193.

Christian Precepts I: Introduction to Christian Theology
Sundays at 9AM
Dig deeper into the core beliefs of Christianity – who God is, why he created man, how he reveals himself to us, and how he redeems us. Taught by Scott Hatch and Steven Ilchishin.


Growing in Grace Elective: Andrew Murray on Humility
Sundays at 9AM
This course will study Andrew Murray’s classic Christian text Humility in order to explore this essential and often-ignored piece of the Christian life. Taught by Glenn Angermeier


Growing in Grace I: Cross Course
Sundays at 10:45AM
This interactive spiritual renewal course is designed to incorporate the dynamics of spiritual renewal into your walk with Christ. A blending of resources from Tim Keller and Paul Miller, Redeemer Presbyterian Church (NYC), and Serge, the Cross Course regularly points to the cross of Jesus Christ as central to our growth in grace. This is the first part of a three-part course; to register, please contact Horace Lamb ( Taught by Horace & Cyndy Lamb and others.


Growing in Grace II: Cross Course Alumni
Sundays at 10:45AM
This course builds on the gospel foundation of the Cross Course. Resources for the class include writings of Tim Keller and others, as well as content from Redeemer Presbyterian Church (NYC). This interactive course continues where the Cross Course began and ended: at the cross of Christ. The Cross Course is a prerequisite; to register, please contact Julia Thiele (  Taught by Mark & Julia Thiele and others.


Christ and Culture II: When Worldviews Collide
Sundays at 10:45AM
Do you believe that Christianity is true but worry that Christianity is not reasonable? This class will look head-on at a dozen of the most powerful and unsettling attacks against Biblical Christianity and will study the most popular competing world views in the words of their adherents. As we examine 24 common perspectives we will see that only Biblical Christianity is internally coherent and practically valid. Taught by Bruce Young


Bible Foundations I: The Big Story
Sundays at 4PM in the McLean Room
This class will help you uncover God’s Redemptive History, cover-to-cover, in his word. By exploring God’s plan for us, this course is an opportunity to understand the impact of Scriptures on our personal callings in life – vocational, family, service and community. Taught by Bill Fullilove & Liz Boyles.