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The primary place where we develop genuine friendships, meet one another’s needs, and experience gospel grace.

Adults, Young Adults

God created us for community. In community, we are able to develop authentic relationships, meet one another’s needs, and experience gospel grace.

Home Fellowship Groups (HFGs) are how we live in community at MPC. Groups of 8 to 16 people meet in neighborhoods across the DC metro area to experience Christ through vibrant friendships. HFGs provide a place to learn and grow in grace as you connect to others, deepen your faith, and experience true community.

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How does a Home Fellowship Group differ from a Bible study?

We like to say that HFGs are more than a Bible study because the primary purpose of a group is to experience the living, Triune God, not just study the Bible. Of course, we do experience God through Bible study, but also through other means of grace, including fellowship, prayer, and worship, all of this within the context of meaningful relationships with one another.

Who can join a Home Fellowship Group?

If you are attending MPC on a regular basis or are an MPC member, we encourage you to join a Home Fellowship Group (HFG)! These groups are the foundation of community and care for our church and it is our prayer that you’ll experience the body of Christ through an HFG.

Can I “try out” a group or do I have to commit up front?

You are welcome to visit a group before committing to join. We recommend that you also communicate your intentions with the leader so he or she knows how to best help you assess if the group is right for you.

Do the HFGs provide childcare?

Some do, but not all. Check with the leader for more information.


Lead a Group

We’re looking for individuals to lead HFGs across the DC metro area. No special theological knowledge or experience is necessary; just a heart for community. E-mail Caroline to learn more.

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