Children's Check-In

A quick guide for how to check in your children for Sunday AM & PM.

Our covenant kids’ safety is one of our primary values, and to ensure security we have an electronic check in system for Sunday AM & PM worship and ministries. Watch the 2-minute video below for a quick step-by-step guide:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is check-in required?
Yes, check-in will be required for ages 0 – 6th grade students for Sunday AM & PM. For security purposes, your child will not be let into his/her room or the Lodge without the printed name tag you receive from the check-in process.

What phone number is used during the check-in process?
You can check in a child using any phone number in your or your spouse’s profile in McLeanPres Connect. Make sure to check your Connect profile to ensure your phone number and your family’s information is correct. You can edit your profile to update your phone number and other details.

It’s my first time at your church. How do I check in?
Visit our welcome desk in the Grand Foyer and our staff will check you in.

What if the check-in process doesn’t work?
Please visit our welcome desk; one of our staff or volunteers can help!

Where are check-in stations located?
In the morning, they are located in the Grand Foyer and throughout the lower floor. In the evenings, you’ll find them in the Fellowship Hall.

How does pick up work?
You will need to show your parent badge to your child’s teacher. You’ll receive the badge during the check-out process.


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