2018 Thanksgiving Offering for Capitol Hill Pregnancy Ctr


Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center (CHPC) is operating in a 132 year-old building with crumbling infrastructure. Mold-addled carpets chip away at the feeling of safety and security as women make the decision to explore life and receive details about their pregnancy. Physical warmth seeps out of old windows, leaving the space cold and unwelcoming to host struggling parents who have never experienced stable and loving families.

We hope to raise $97,000 to provide new windows, a new HVAC system, and new carpets to equip CHPC to provide the life-giving services that are so desperately needed in D.C.

$63,000 will provide new windows
$75,000 will provide new windows and new carpet
$97,000 will provide new windows, carpet, and HVAC


Why We’re Supporting CHPC

In the course of a year, over 2,500 people will come through the doors of Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center – a 13 year-old girl considering abortion, a 22 year-old mother with no diapers left for her baby, a father who is largely disconnected from the families who need them.

These image-bearers need a place to be known and to be loved as they search for a more abundant life. These unborn babies deserve the opportunity to be known, to be loved, and to experience abundant life.

“One thing that would be amazing would be for our clients to be able to take off their coats in the winter…we have an opportunity to show [these parents] that they are loved and that they have value.”

Watch as CHPC staff talk about the center, and the need for updates:

To Give

You can place your donation in the offering basket on Sundays or mail to our office (1020 Balls Hill Road, McLean, VA 22101). Please include “2018 Thanksgiving Offering” in the memo line of your check. To give online, click the button below.