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Study Ideas

We recognize that one of the biggest challenges facing CGs is finding the next study! Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of books and DVDs that are available in the MPC library, as well as a collection of questions that follow along with our sermon series (available within the CG Leaders group of McLeanPres Connect).

Study Ideas   Sermon questions

Skills & Tools for Leaders

What Do I Say Next?

Life is full of hard and messy situations, and we want to help, but we feel ill-equipped and unsure how, as a leader and a group, we can support people facing difficult situations. So, what can you do?

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Addressing Irregular Attendance

The best way to address group attendance is to approach it directly as a group. Discuss the issue and develop expectations together. Giving members a part in developing the group structure will reduce guilt and help them take ownership of the outcomes.

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Thoughts on Listening Well

Listening to someone involves more than just hearing words. It takes attending, hearing, sensing, and offering your presence.

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Encouraging Vulnerability

When we talk about vulnerability in the context of our Community Group, we need to think about it not primarily as an experience of exposure, but ultimately as a catalyst for freedom. Creating communities of honesty and vulnerability is really about freeing people and empowering them to love well.

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Creating an Emotionally Safe Environment

“How do you help foster an emotionally safe environment for participants?” This is a common question among CG leaders. Here are six principles from our Care Ministry staff to help you as you create a safe space for your group members.

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A Biblical Framework for the Issue of Suicide

As Community Group leaders, we need to be informed and comfortable with talking about the topic of suicide (and depression), because there is a high likelihood you know someone who has been affected by a friend’s or family member’s suicide, or someone who may be struggling with suicidal thoughts themselves.

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Questions to Go Deeper

We often mistake knowing about someone with actually knowing them well. These questions will help you take your conversations deeper and foster vibrant relationships in your group.

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CG Vision & Values

3 Traits of a Healthy Group

This visual is an excellent reminder of the three cultural aspects we hope to cultivate in each CG.

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Philosophy & Practicality of Loving Others

A presentation from our 2017 CG Leader Retreat, this document challenges us to think about honor the identity of those around us in the communities that our groups represent.

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